NFL Football is a hard nose nail-biting game full of hard hits and big plays to the end zone scoring. This NFL season has been more than just about that. Being in the off-season it has grown to stir controversial issues of players. Specifically, these are the players that fill the stadiums and are well known. The love, hate, criticism, and scrutiny many players have faced all will be resolved as this season comes or could fuel the fire.

Some of the biggest changes in the league have been Antonio Brown known as one of the hardest-working players in the league and arguably the best Wide Receiver in the league is now an Oakland Raider. Odell Beckham known as the Young Star who the fans love wowing us with his heroic catches and speed is with the Cleveland Browns. Leveon Bell who was arguably one of the best backs in the league and Pro Bowler who sat out due to contract negotiations now is with the New York Jets.

This is just a glimpse of what is going on but huge changes that you will hear about. The success of their new homes falls on their shoulders. Was it worth the move or not will be the answers to next season for these Players?

There will be more news on these stars on and off the field from training to Games. The excitement is building!

What will we see upon the road for the NFL and its Icons?

By Jay Burley

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