A Rumble in the Jungle of Raptors, Warriors take the Win

As the Raptors came back home to face the Warriors in a 3-1 lead there became a rumble in the Jungle
among game 5. Former MVP Kevin Durant returned who was questionable all series due to injury
(ankle). As the game began Golden State had a sense of light as Kevin Durant gave hope to his team with
his efforts on the court. Even with that being said Kevin Durant left the game in the second quarter
injuring his Achilles returning to the locker room with 11 pts as Toronto fans cheered along his exit
showing the emotion in the arena.

After Durant’s exit, the tempo stayed and was still rolling as the Warriors lead the
whole game due to teamwork and Steph Curry’s 23 point effort in the first half. The second half without
Durant became a battle as Kawhi Leonard lead Toronto to lead knifing through the defense scoring to
change momentum in the 4th quarter with about 5 mins of play left giving Toronto their first lead in the
game. That change in momentum rallied the troops on both teams to a neck and neck battle till the end.
The Splash Brothers (Curry & Thompson) began to wreak havoc putting Golden State back up every
possession seemed they were behind.

In the end, it all came down to a possession where stout defense won the game as Kyle Lowry missed the last shot giving the defending Champions a win (106-105) in the series being now 3-2 Raptors leading. The game finished with Steph Curry leading the warriors with (31pts) and Thompson (26 pts). On the Raptors side, Leonard leads the Raptors with (26 pts) and Lowry with (18 pts). Both teams had strong efforts among the depth chart to keep this battle going and now for game 6, they will return back to Oracle in Oakland, CA for the Warriors last home appearance for this series in game 6.


Written By: Jay Burley
12/06/19 11:00 Am

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