About Sportsfinda

This isn’t my first business venture. Previously, I gained the rights in Australia and NZ to sell equipment for a well-established American sports brand. I was so excited by the prospect of spreading the brand down-under and across the Tasman. Got to work and established a solid online presence through social media and email marketing. These would complement the e-commerce site that was set up to allow people to buy directly from the site.

Naturally, I looked to make the progression and speed up the process of spreading awareness about the brand. For 2 years straight, I approached retailers all across the country. Some in person, others via a phone call, but it was to no avail. They either asked for ridiculous margins that meant you almost broke even on the cost of the product, or were flat out uninterested in giving the brand a chance.

After that terrible ordeal, I thought there must be hundreds of businesses that have been through something similar. The problem solver in me began to tick, there must be another way. After thinking long and hard, it came to me in the form of a concept. That concept is Sportsfinda, and for sporting and fitness goods, it’s Sportsfinda’s marketplace.

The marketplace will act as an online platform that gives ALL business a fair go. Everybody starts equal on the platform and the rest is up to the individual driving the organisation. This way we create an online hub for sporting and fitness goods without the infiltration of outsiders, as is the case with large scale online marketplaces.

Sportsfinda’s marketplace is also specific to the sports and fitness industry, hence you will not be bombarded with irrelevant material from other industries. It will be the place to be for anything remotely considered sports inspired. Without further ado, sign up for free and get selling!

Ahmad Elhawli
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Rashid Elhawli
Content Director