About Sportsfinda

Born out of a sense of responsibility more than anything else, ours is a story of levelling the playing field in the sport and fitness arena.

After experiencing rejection after rejection from approaching retailers with our sports product, which we were assured was of great quality, we began to realise that many of the relationships that had been forged at the upper echelons of this industry would make it difficult, if not impossible, to crack into the leading industry retailers.

We were under no illusions as to the difficulty involved in achieving this, however after two years of trying and waiting on false hope, we realised our efforts were to no avail. Even worse, is that we experienced the same thing online. When they would promote our product, sales would increase, however if you weren’t built into their algorithm and promoted, there was very little chance of moving any further.

This cycle of having to constantly wait on others was deeply frustrating. Brought up on the concept of a fair go and growing up siding with the underdog, there was so much about this that felt awfully wrong. After sitting together and discussing this as a team, the idea of Sportsfinda was born. A homegrown, grassroots organisation that was adamant on giving all businesses a fair go.

No longer would smaller businesses have to go out of their way to be accepted by the bigger players, the open marketplace also makes for an exciting environment where competition can thrive. There’s nothing better than a level playing field and equal opportunity to nurture an environment where everybody feels at ease watching their business grow.