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Sportsfinda is excited to announce GoldiFit as a partner on our marketplace, as we look to give all businesses a fair go by empowering Australia’s grassroots. Here’s a little more about GoldiFit, their products and their contribution to the community.

GOLDI is a luxe activewear brand based in Australia. The brand embodies a strong female image that is minimalist yet striking in detail.


GoldiFit is a curation of brands for your lifestyle. GOLDI is an architectural monochrome activewear brand, designed in Melbourne. All brands have been very carefully chosen because of their understated sophistication and thoughtful production. All brands are independent. They love to support creatives and entrepreneurs who are fearlessly following their passion and give them a unique, luxe, curated look and sensory experience that you can only find at GoldiFit.

The essence of GOLDI comes from it’s deeply held philosophy that all people have a right to health and equality. GOLDI is inspired by the philosophy that if you want to see change in the world, then you should be the change you want to see happen. They are committed to giving back to education of under privileged children.

To support this ethos, Goldi will contribute 10% of all profits earned from Goldifit to the education of under privileged children. Their dream is to contribute to others, who may not have had the chance otherwise, and help them live their best possible life, pursuing their dreams.

Get your luxe activewear now, from $25!

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