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Grow your Sport & Fitness eCommerce site

If you take the right approach, the sport and fitness industry can prove to be a very lucrative one. However, if you don’t do your research, you’re not going to get very far. This short guide will get you started on growing your business with 10 essential tips to Help Grow your Sport & Fitness eCommerce Site . If you follow these tips, you can begin growing your eCommerce website’s sales, even if you’re starting from scratch.

#1 Create a Content Marketing Strategy

The days of simply being able to publish a blog post and have it ranked in Google are long over. A content marketing strategy is built around keywords and the end goal of your website. Rather than just randomly creating blog posts here and there, a content marketing strategy ensures that everything you publish will contribute to your website’s growth and offer real value to your customers.

#2 Up-sell and Cross-Sell

An essential part of any eCommerce business is using tools that allow you to automatically up-sell and cross-sell items to your customers. A cross-sell is when you sell a complimentary product to your customers based on their interests. For instance, if you are selling ski pants, you might try to cross-sell ski goggles, gloves, and other accessories. In doing so, you can raise the value of their purchase.

An up-sell is when you try to get them to buy a more expensive item. But, you need to keep customer satisfaction in mind. Don’t just try to sell every customer the most expensive item you offer. Chances are, not everyone will need it. Highlight the features of every product, and try to show them how the more expensive product could potentially offer additional benefits to them. If they find them useful, they’ll buy the more expensive item.

#3 Stop Abandoned Shopping Carts

An abandoned shopping cart is one that your user put an item into, and then left. They might come back tomorrow, or never. There are tools to help you overcome this issue. Sending an email to them, reminding them about the products in their shopping cart, is one of the primary tactics used to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts. There are also some other methods you can employ.

#4 Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered by far one of the most effective types of marketing you can use for your business. It puts what you want to say directly into your customers’ inboxes, but people are inundated with spam. All it takes is one newsletter edition that they aren’t interested in and they’ll click the “unsubscribe” button. Or, worse yet, they might send you straight to spam (which doesn’t look good for your newsletter, because the spam ratio is tracked).

Your campaign needs to be unique so that customers want to read it. Stand out from the crowd, and make them want to read, and respond, to the content you send them.

#5 Do Your Research

In addition to doing your research to understand your buyer personas, you also need to be continuously researching keywords and your industry. This information will intertwine with your email marketing and other marketing strategies. It will also play a role in your general branding and website design.

#6 Reward Customers

Rewarding your customers is one of the best ways to increase brand loyalty and increase revenue. Implementing a rewards system into your website that uses “points” is a fantastic way to turn one sale into many sales. A customer, for example, might earn 200 points for signing up to your newsletter. They might also get a few points for sharing products on social media.

When they make a purchase, the number of points they earn corresponds to how much money they spent. They can then earn points for reviewing the products they bought.

These points will add up and it will allow them to work towards coupons for % of $ off to help encourage more sales at your store. This is a proven strategy, and certainly one that you should use.

#7 Use Video

Video content is one of the best types of content to use when you want to engage your users, on your website and off of it. Use it on social media especially where people won’t take but a second to scroll past your post. If your video content looks interesting right-off-the-bat (i.e., without a 5-second intro stamped in front of the real content), you can capture their attention. Remember you have 3 seconds to capture their attention.

#8 Get Active on Social Media

Being active on social media is about more than simply having an account. You need to be posting relevant content regularly. You can’t just be selling things, either. You should mix informative with entertaining and promotional for an excellent balance. Promotional content should take up the smallest slice of your social media channels.

#9 Create Fresh Content

Re-purposing old content is a great strategy, but you also need to be releasing a steady flow of fresh content for the best results. This might mean:

  • Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into your operations and team, increasing brand loyalty and spreading awareness.
  • Giveaways and promotions where you can encourage users to “share to win” and increase brand loyalty.
  • Informational content to help position your brand as an authority.

#10 Optimize for Mobile

Mobile users are continuing to gain more and more market share as mobile devices become more usable and popular. You need to have a responsive website that can scale down to any sized mobile device screen, and load quickly.

All the best with the Above Tips, Stay tunes as we elaborate on each point in our upcoming Posts!


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