IHeartNetball is at the core of what Sportsfinda is all about, giving local people a platform to promote their sports and fitness business so that they can continue to pour their blood, sweat, and tears into providing value for others. IHeartNetball is the epitome of such a business.

The owner began her ventures as a way of earning some extra income whilst seeking paid employment. She wanted to do something from home, as she was caring for her elderly mother. Not just anything though, something she was knowledgeable about, and for which she had a passion. Having played netball for over 40 years, she figured selling netball equipment pretty much ticked those boxes!

Off she went to begin providing quality equipment at an affordable price. She has great quality equipment, which she tries to sell as cheaply as possible. Margins are pretty small because she wants to give clients good quality products at fair prices.

An example of this are her training bib sets which are only $50. Most places charge almost twice that much. The bibs come in a great range of colours and are excellent quality, so she is happy to sell them. If she doesn’t approve of the quality, she will not sell them.

Her contribution to the community is ongoing, as she volunteers at the local council and also coaches a junior netball side for the local club. Her netball team is very grateful for her care, time and attention as she continues on her path to being of value to her community.

For now, there are no plans for expansion into other sports. The plan is to continue to sell netball equipment online as she loves being able to offer clients reasonable quality equipment at a reasonable price.

For equipment with a local touch and choc-full of netball passion, click below!


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