What does Kyle Korver to Cleveland mean for the NBA?

Kyle Korver

January 11, 2017 | Tyler Curtis

Kyle Korver is officially a Cleveland Cavalier. The sharpshooting guard made his debut tonight for the Cavs but the question is, what does adding him mean for the rest of the league?

How much better does Kyle Korver make the Cavs?

Korver only does one thing but he does it extremely well. He shoots the three ball. Since the 2009-2010 season, where he shot a career-best 53.6 percent from behind the arc, he has only shot below 40 percent one time. The one season he didn’t shot 40 percent, in 2015-2016, he shot 39.9 percent. He is the eighth best three-point shooter in NBA history a mark of 42.9 percent.

How does Kyle Korver compare to current Cavs?

He has averaged at least 2 or more threes made per game every year since 2012-2013. His 40.9 percent from behind the arc will make him the third most potent shooter from behind the arc. The 2.0 threes he makes per game will be the fifth best on the team.

His combination of 2 threes made per game and 40.9 percent is the key. He will be one of just three players for the Cavs to make at least two threes a game and shot over 40 percent. Korver wasn’t playing on a bad team in Atlanta but you have to figure those numbers will be going up.

LeBron James has said that he wants Korver to shoot the ball every time he touches it. Korver will shoot the ball and he should have an easier time doing so in Cleveland.

He shot the ball in Atlanta but did so with a hand in his face a lot of the time. Korver had an opposing defender within four feet of him on 32.9 percent of his shots.

Mike Dunleavy, who is leaving the Cavs, had a defender within four feet of him on just 15.8 percent of his shots. Dunleavy wasn’t hitting those shots. You better believe that Korver will drain those and see his numbers improve.

If those numbers improve the Cavs will have four players around James that can light it up from downtown. What does that mean for the NBA? It means that the Cavs will be playing in the finals again and will be shooting their way there.