Sport and Fitness Dedicated Marketplace

A sport and fitness dedicated marketplace that is determined to give you unprecedented access to interested customers. Here are all the tools we’re providing to help you do just that.

Seller’s Dashboard

The seller’s dashboard is the summary of your entire store. Track your store’s performance through the tools and analytics available. These include monthly sales, orders received, earnings, pageviews, reviews by clients and the number of products as well as their status.

Reports and Filters (on Product Sale)

We have detailed reports on sales which includes the following:

  • Overview
  • Sales by Day (Revenue in a single day)
  • Top Selling (Best-selling product)
  • Top earning (Product generating the most revenue)

Products and Coupons

Easily add different types of products and add coupons to offer discounts on those products. The different types of products are:

  • Simple Product
  • Variable Product
  • Grouped Product
  • Downloadable Product
  • Virtual Product


Sellers can easily manage received orders from the dashboard. This includes viewing them, processing them, shipping them, cancelling, refunding and updating the status of the order as you go along.

Subscription Packages

Five different packages are offered that give you the opportunity to start small and grow with the platform. We have your business covered throughout the entire journey.


Import products from WooCommerce and Shopify using our ‘Import Export’ feature. When importing from Shopify, just provide your Shopify store API KEY, PASSWORD and STORE URL and they’ll be transferred over.

Store Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We provide sellers a unique feature to add their SEO for their stores so that they can benefit from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Sellers can improve their store SEO in the seller’s dashboard.

Your store SEO is there to increase your store traffic. By taking time to take care of your SEO, you can improve the ranking of your page on search engines, particularly Google. Potentially bringing your website much more traffic than you expected.

Payment Integration

Integrate PayPal and stripe payments with your store to submit withdraw payment requests and get your store payments easily.

Customer Support

Should you require assistance, checkout our Help Centre or submit an enquiry at our Contact Support page.