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50/50 – elbow pads for street/ramp Youth(s) Adult (m&l)

Exite 50/50 elbow pads (2 x elbow pads) Is a Professional skateboard elbow pad designed for concrete/timber street and intermediate ramp riding. The elbow pads is a pull on design, with extra side impact protection. It has a cutout neoprene section that allows more movement without a lot of restriction. The cap is velcroed onto the body of the pad to reduce weight and allows for an easy cap upgrade.

The elbow pads are fitted over your hand and adjusted for comfort around your elbow with elastic webbing and velcro. The elbow pads allow full movement without restrictive material in the inner elbow area to get in the way. The Exite 50/50 elbow pads come in a range of  small, medium and large sizing






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The 50/50 elbow pad is a Professional elbow pad. Made from high grade durable fabrics, EVA foam and poly-carbonate covered caps to provide complete protection.The 50/50 elbow pad is a pull-on design. With a open inner neoprene cut-out that allows for full movement without a lot of restriction. The cap is velcroed onto the product for a secure-fit and for easy cap replacement.

Elbow sizing

Small              9″-10″ (21-25cm) forearm;

Medium         10″-12″ (25-29cm) forearm;

Adult Large    12″-14″ (30-35cm) forearm;

Above sizing is an estimate

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Refund Policy

Return goods for a different size as long as the goods have not been used or damaged (scratched or signs of use)


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