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Aero Stand Up Tour Bag (Black/Silver)


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There is an Aero cricket bag for everyone – from the touring pro to the athlete just starting to face a hard ball.

Aero bags all share something in common.

They are made of premium grade materials which means they last longer and
use incredibly tough wearing zippers so they last longer and high-quality wheels which means they last longer.

Aero also offer as standard a combination lock with every stand up bag so that your gear is safe and sound whilst you are out on the ground or training hard in the nets.

The bestselling top end bag available.

Includes three individual bags to cater for every players needs

  • Stand Up kit Bag – minimal dressing room footprint
  • Gym/Clothing Bag – no need to hunt thru your kit for dirty clothing
  • Toiletries Bag – from home to game hassle free

The Tour Bag boasts a specifically lined shoe compartment, 3 individual padded bat sleeves to keep your pride and joys safe, internal shelf to separate gloves and helmet, so many external pockets that you will be able to rent space out to your team mates and a combination lock to keep your valuables secure.

Ready to ship in 3-5 business day from Australia


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