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Stainless Steel Shaker



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A strong stainless shell with a sleek matte finish. Ergonomically designed not to be too big and intrusive yet still capable of holding 400ml of liquid goodness.  A Vortex clip lock lid makes sure it’s contents stay exactly where they should while thermos style insulation keeps your cold one just that little bit cooler. Popped into a gymbag or cupholder and you are good to go!

For best results and to protect lid and coating avoid putting in hot dishwasher.


Clip the cap on firm and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. For best results handwash in luke warm water to preserve the colour finish. Avoid putting the plastic lid in the dishwasher and leaving dirty in your car for a week!

Take you Go Good shaker with you wherever you train.


STAINLESS STEEL – A stainless steel body providing a superior level of insulation than plastic to keep your contents cooler. Better for you, better for the environment. 

VERSATILE DESIGN – A vortex styled lid makes light work of mixing while a leak proof design makes sure that it’s all kept in one place!

SLEEK & STYLISH – Matt green finish that looks as good on the outside as what it carry’s on the inside. Make a statement and stand out!


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