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Sportsfinda is excited to announce ROAR Performance as a partner on our marketplace, as we look to give all businesses a fair go by empowering Australia’s grassroots. Here’s a little more about ROAR Performance, their products and their contribution to the community.

ROAR Performance – All-natural, coconut water-based Sports Drinks. All the good and none of the bad.

ROAR Performance was created with the younger athlete in mind, wanting to offer an all-natural sports drink with over 25% less calories than traditional sports drinks in the market place.

ROAR Performance offers consumers a real point of difference with its coconut water base, all-natural ingredients, unique packaging filled with exquisite in-your-face branding and infused with B-Vitamins to help energize the body.

It has the expressive aspects of an energy drink, yet the functionality of a healthier sports beverage. A bold and healthy alternative to the sugary, artificial, traditional isotonic beverages available today.




ROAR Performance is scientifically formulated for fast assimilation and long lasting energy, featuring an advanced hydration system to help replenish both body and mind with less sugar, NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives, NO gluten, NO caffeine, NO high fructose corn syrup and NO brominated vegetable oil.

Not only are they offering a healthy alternative, but are working with local retailers and sporting clubs to promote healthy hydration as well as sponsoring plenty of local up and coming athletes. Performance believes in giving back and prioritising the grass roots, targeting the next generation of athletes that don’t get the support of the large high-profile players/teams. They currently have over 40 young athletes working with them that they love to watch nourish, flourish and grow.

You will see ROAR Performance more and more over the coming months growing their distribution, through local retailers and attending more events working with grass roots organisations to educate consumers about the Brand and what they are all about.


Get your 12 pack for just $15!

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  1. Great product…went down a treat with the family. Wasn’t sweet like some drinks can be. I also ordered the lime flavour.

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