On Sportsfinda.com.au we provide every Seller with his own personal dashboard where he can see his store activity and other stats which include sales, orders, reviews and products. Sellers can manage their products and orders in separate tabs. They can add products, update them and view already added products under the products tab. Depending on the seller package there is a limit on how many products you are able to upload to your store.

We care about our customers and to ease the process and ensure our customers don’t face difficulties uploading their products on our platform, we have listed a few recommendations for our customers to get the most from our platform.

Please see the Following:

Add New Products

We have made adding products on our platform very easy for our customers. They can add products under the Products tab by clicking the Add New Product button.

After clicking the add new products tab you will be sent to a new page containing a form to add products. See the image below for detailed step by step  Instructions:


1. Upload Product Image:

Upload your products main image to be shown on your store page. For best results don’t use faded or pixelated  images, be selective as it is the first point of contact with your potential buyers.

2. Add Gallery Images:

Add multiple images showing different angles and rotations of your product.

3. Product Name:

Give your product an eye-catching name that tells the buyers what the product is about? Product name should be concise and meaningful.

4. Price:

Add a price to your product otherwise  if the price of a product is empty buyers will not be able to buy it.

5. Discounted Price:

If you plan to offer a discounted price on a product enter the discounted price as well. In this case you have to enter both RRP and discounted price.

6. Short Description:

A Short description can be helpful as it describes the product and gives the consumer insight. Some buyers don’t like to read Large descriptions so make the best use of this option for your buyers.

7. Product Category:

All of the sportsfinda.com.au product categories will be shown under this option, select the best categories that suit to your product.

8. Product Tags:

You can also add tags to your products like clothing and many others.

9. Description:

Add a detailed description of your product to highlight the uniqueness of your product.

Before clicking the following image buttons at the bottom of the page to create product we have to discuss some important points here.

On Sportsfinda.com.au we care about our users, we have provided you with an import and export facility. For importing a product to other WooCommerce enabled websites you must provide the SKU of the products to be added. SKU (Stock keeping unit) is used to uniquely identify a product and to track it’s inventory.

By clicking the Create & Add New button, it will create a product and let you add a new one, if you want to use your product for export and import, we suggest you to click on the CREATE PRODUCT button and fill out all of the details including the SKU in the next step. First of all let’s discuss the different types of products you can add on our platform:

Simple Products

Simple products are the most common and easily uploaded. Just add a product name, Images, SKU, price and you are set to sell your product. It’s that easy!

Variable Product

A Variable product is a product which has different variations associated with it. It provides control over prices, SKU’s and more for each variation. T-shirts is an example of variable products with variations in color, size, design and more. With variable products you can add your own variations easily. Let’s discuss the different settings of variable products:

This option works the same as the simple product for tracking inventory and products uniquely. However Variable products will be used as a parent SKU of different variations to be added. We will discuss variation SKU’s in the coming sections.

Enable product stock management:
This option will automatically manage inventory for your products when a product is purchased by a buyer.

Now move on to add attributes and use those attributes for adding different product variations. You can add as many attributes as you like, just use the custom attribute option to add your new attribute.

Choose attributes from the Attribute and Variation section, select values for those attributes and check Used for variations. Click on SAVE ATTRIBUTE, it will show you new options for adding variations. Add variations or select CREATE VARIATIONS FROM ALL ATTRIBUTES to generate variations for all possible options.

After all of the variations are added, add SKU’s, price or any other setting to each variation. Save variations after you add prices and other settings for all variations. Now you are ready to sell your variable product, if you are experiencing any difficulties please see the adjacent video to understand the process.

Bulk settings for variations
After you have added all of the variations and you want to enter same settings for each product variation, you can do so by clicking on the Add variation select dropdown and find your desired settings e.g. if you want to add same prices for each variation select SET REGULAR PRICES and click on Go, you will be prompted with a popup, enter the price and click Ok to save it. Don’t forget to add SKU’s for each product if you want to export this product, save your product to sell it. See below images to have a proper understanding:

Group Product

A Group product is a product type in which you can sell multiple products at a time, the best use of this product type is to offer a set of relative products. A Group product consists of multiple simple products, so before adding a group product add some simple products. To add a group product select Group product from the drop down and add it’s products from the Grouped products option. Save product to complete it. To learn more see the below screenshots.

Downloadable Product

A Downloadable product is a product type which is not physical and offers the product to be downloaded by the consumer. On purchase of this product type the buyer will be provided a link to download the product and there can be a download limit – the number of times a buyer can download the product. The best example of a downloadable product is an e-book.

Virtual Product

A Virtual product is a product which also doesn’t have a physical experience but a little different to a downloadable product. Best examples of a virtual product is subscription of a website or acquiring some kind of service.


Import & Export

We provide the facility to import and export products from other websites using an XML file. If you can’t export an XML file from your website or you have any questions feel free to contact us at support@sportsfinda.com.au anytime, we would love to assist you in the best possible way.