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Typically, businesses begin serving the communities that assisted them in reaching their organisational goals only when in a position of convenience, in what many will brand as being ‘socially responsible’. However corporate social responsibility does not have to wait till a business is financially comfortable, rather it should be an in-built part of the organisation from the get-go.

This is even more important in sports based business, because without a sporting base or grassroots programs from which talent can be picked, future generations of any sport could be non-existent. Australians are a sports mad people and we appreciate nothing more than involving ourselves, our children and our friends in all the different types of sports that we choose to participate in. Majority of us would have at one stage even got involved in a sporting club, or community group where we could be involved in sports and just enjoyed a game of whatever it was we were playing.

Unfortunately, the facilities that allow for these rewarding activities to take place on a regular basis are not recognised or promoted as well as they should. These places bring communities together, cross ethnic and racial boundaries, promote social harmony and help give youth direction all over Australia. The least businesses can do is help these selfless organisations keep up to date with the latest marketing methods, making it easier for them to attract a suitable audience and enabling them to focus on what matters.

Sportsfinda was not only born out of the desire to help such organisations, but indeed designed to serve the grassroots by creating marketing packages that are competitively priced. This will allow community organisations and local clubs to be on a level playing field that does not have them at the mercy of the company’s good will, but instead are equals on an online platform that is the world’s first digital sports directory.

The digital platform improves exposure and awareness of the activities and whereabouts of your facilities. Furthermore, people searching the sports directory can come from an audience that spans the entire nation. One of the major benefits is the advent of potential sponsors from places and sources that you may never have thought possible.

Financial burden is often an issue that committees running the clubs and groups have to wrestle with and can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, imagine the financial stability, not to mention the stress relief, you could bring to those you volunteer with by having the opportunity to access potential partners as well as sponsors that would allow everybody to not only take a breather, but get back to maintaining Australia’s sporting grassroots.

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