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Are you an entrepreneur or business looking to get active in the sporting goods industry? At, you can list new and used gear for sale and put your products directly in front of interested clients.

What Can I Sell?

You can sell both new and used sporting equipment and gear. Some of our top-selling categories include:


This category includes weights, workout equipment, yoga mats, and more.


Baseball bats, soccer nets, boxing gloves–you name it!


Help players look the part by outfitting them with activewear, uniforms, and more.


Crochet, backyard games, and more all fit in this category.


From rugby cleats to tennis shoes, you can list any active footwear in this section.


Power Australia’s athletes by selling your quality nutritional supplements.

Getting Started

Our platform was designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use for both customers and sellers alike. When you’re ready to start selling on, it’s as simple as choosing the membership plan that will fit your business’ needs. We have multiple tiers that are priced based on the number of listings you wish to add to our platform. You can always upgrade your membership at a later date as you add new products to your catalog.

Step 1: Signup

Signing up as a seller at is easy. Just choose the membership level that is right for you and start your monthly plan. You’ll be prompted to provide some basic information about your business, like your store name and contact information.

Step 2: Setup Your Store

Next, you’ll be able to start adding listings to your store. While our advanced listing templates will give the customers all of the information they need to chose a product, they are super easy for you to fill out. Just insert the product name, description, and photos for each item you are listing.

You’ll also be able to set the price, and you can even offer multiple colors and sizes of the same item under one listing so that your customers can shop with ease! will automatically format the information into a pre-designed listing page so that your product listings fit perfectly into the platform, just as they should.

Step 3: Start Selling!

With your items listed, customers can now begin finding them and purchasing them. When a customer places an order, their shipping information will be sent directly to your business so that you can fulfill the order promptly.

After shipping the order, a tracking number will be provided to your client so that they can trace it while it’s in transit to their home, school, or business. Once it has arrived at its destination, that customer will be able to review your item on your product listing page.

The review system will help you stand out from the crowd by showing other customers what a high-quality product you offer. We consider this review system a critical part of maintaining the integrity and quality of the products found at, and it’s just one of the benefits that will keep buyers coming back.

Want to learn more? View the step-by-step guide through the selling process here.

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