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Successful Sport & Fitness Content Marketing Strategy

If you own a sport or fitness business, there are plenty of fantastic ways you can go about marketing it. And, in this industry, one of the driving forces of success will be creativity. By utilizing the power of the internet, you can maximize your business’ potential, it just takes the right approach. This article will highlight some proven and creative ways to go about it & Creating a Successful Sport & Fitness Content Marketing Strategy

Here are some ideas that can help you maximize your business’ potential:

#1 Get On Social Media

Your brand should hopefully already be active on the major social media platforms. Simply being a member is not enough, you need to be posting relevant content on a regular basis. There are countless forms of content you can and should be posting, and it should not all be geared at selling something or promoting your business.

You should also try to post educational and entertaining content to get the build genuine engagement with your posts. No one wants to follow a channel that’s just constantly saying “Buy this, buy that…” You want to be offering real value to your followers.

By sharing educational entertaining content, you are becoming an outlet and a resource for them. This also positions you as more of an authority within your niche, someone they can look to when they want information about a product or service. This can help your efforts, even if you are offering information on something only partially related to what you are selling. Be the guru.


sport & fitness content marketing strategy social media

Credits: Freepik

Here are some content examples that are worth trying out:

  • Educate your followers by sharing content about supplement facts, nutrition guidelines, and healthy eating. All of these things are relevant to any business within the sports/fitness industry, and it will show that you aren’t just there to sell them things, you want to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle. Having this persona will increase their trust and grow your brand’s authority within the industry.
  • Entertain your followers by sharing “sharable” content. You don’t have to go to great lengths to make entertaining content yourself, sometimes just sharing a fun fact is all it takes to get people clicking the “re-post” button on your latest update. Keep it relevant and make it something worth liking.
  • Inform your followers by telling them more about your brand. This isn’t about selling your products, but connecting with your followers more closely. For instance, you might do an introductory series where you talk about how your brand was founded and what your mission is.
  • Setup an outreach campaign. What better way to reinforce your mission statement and show that you’re “all in it together” than to setup an outreach campaign that empowers your followers and spreads awareness about your business at the same time? Start a movement relevant to your industry that will help people live healthier lives. Don’t push a product, promote your brand.
  • Go behind-the-scenes. People really love seeing the “hidden side” of your business. They like getting taken into a place they normally don’t get to go. It makes them feel closer to your brand and as if they have a sneak peak or “exclusive knowledge” about how you operate. Let them see your production facilities, or the launch of your next product. Share candid photos and more.

Market-Tested Tip: Are you struggling to gain traction on social media? While you’re there, you’ll want to utilize one thing according to Forbes: Influencers. Influencers are users who have a large following. Look for influencers in your niche and get them to give your product or brand a shout-out. That alone can be enough to jump-start your efforts.

#2 Get Active On Your Blog

If your website doesn’t already have a blog setup, you are setting yourself up for failure. You should get online right away and add a blog section to your website where you can begin publishing articles and blog posts.

In other words, your website content should be expanded forms of the same topics and kinds of content you are sharing on social media. You should be informing, entertaining, and reaching out to your followers to help them grow their trust and confidence in your brand.

Too many people launch a blog on behalf of their business and then complain that they don’t have a clue what to post. That’s simply impossible. Not every article has to be directly related to something you are selling. In reality, it’s better to branch out within your niche so that you can bring in a wider audience and educate them on the context of your product.

Market-Tested Tip: As multiple sources will tell you, one essential part of being successful with your content marketing strategy is settling on a style. After all, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Pick a style that can speak to your audience best and stick to it. Keep it consistent.

#3 Adapt Your Publishing

Does one type of content seem to perform really well on your social networks? For instance, do your “Fun Fact” posts tend to get more likes and shares than other content? Or, do your candid, behind-the-scenes photos get the most attention?


sport & fitness content marketing strategy different types of content

Credits: Ad Espresso

Learn from the results you are getting. Always be trying out new formats and measuring the results so that you can tailor your publishing approach. If one type of content is getting really great results on social media, chances are, you can take a similar approach to your next blog article and get good results there, too.

Remember: you have to broaden your approach within your niche in order to find content that your viewers actually want to be reading. Do the pregnant women who buy your products want to learn about caring for an infant, or do they want to stay focused on health during pregnancy?

Market-Tested Tip: Whether or not your content is promoting your business directly, you need to make something compelling about it. Add a call-to-action that will get people engaging with your content. Otherwise, people will skim and leave. Have them take action on what they just read.

#4 Involve Your Audience

You don’t have to always turn figuring out what content to post into a guessing game. Just ask your followers! Literally, setting up a poll is not only a great way to get you the information you need to improve your content marketing strategy, it’s also a fantastic way to engage your audience and show them that you actually care about their input.

sport & fitness content marketing strategy engaging your audience


By setting up a poll, or even a survey, you can ask multiple questions to your audience. Beyond the helpful question of: “What sort of content would you like to see more of?” you can also be asking them the following, all of which are directly applicable to tailoring your content marketing strategy and improving your results:

  • Who are you talking to? Use your polls or surveys to learn more about who your viewing audience is. Maybe you sell supplements to pregnant women, but most people following you are looking for pre-pregnancy supplements to improve their health. Polls can help you figure out this information and tailor your approach to better fit your audience’s needs.
  • Do they like what you’re selling? Use your polls or surveys to learn more about what your audience wants from you. You can be very direct about your products and ask for feedback on things that can be improved. When doing this, drill down your questions to a single aspect such as: Packaging, quality, or the applications of your product or service.
  • What can you do better? When you just need general feedback, literally asking your audience: “What can we do better?” is all it takes to get your brainstorming process moving. This feedback can propel future product improvements and innovations at your company. Take it to heart.

Market-Tested Tip: When asking for feedback, make sure your questions are not leading them in one way or another. Too many businesses sway the opinions of their viewers and miss out on the actual purpose of asking for feedback, which is to get honest opinions.


At the end of the day, marketing (and business in general) is about trial and error. Diversify your approach and tailor it to fit your specific target audience. Try out different things and see what works best for you. As your campaigns gather results, you can use that information to optimize your future efforts.

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