Utonic Founders Michael Brinkley, Toby Yap, Leigh Morgan and Tyson Goldsack woke up to the realisation that it should be possible to lead a healthy life while also achieving their daily goals, despite being in a high-pressure, fast-paced work and social environment. The team began researching functional foods and creating a product that could meet these needs, without any unnatural side-effects.

The result is a range of scientifically blended functional drinks produced from concentrated real foods and targeted nutrients, to help transform the way you feel. Created by the very people who need it, UTONIC® drinks are designed to work as part of day to day living, proving that it is possible to take control and transform the way you feel, without added sugar, preservatives, chemical highs or negative side effects.

The products focus on bringing drinks to market that are free from added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. The functional drinks of the past have been loaded with all of these, making them a very unhealthy option. The company is 100% Australian owned and made, thus supporting local business.

Currently, UTONIC donates a large amount to local sporting clubs and events to add value to the local sporting ecosystem. They are also working on a community program in partnership with sporting clubs that can provide a valuable return, helping them purchase new equipment and keep on top of running costs. At UTONIC they are passionate about promoting healthy eating, drinking and an active lifestyle! With the voice of experience, they understand the impact these 3 things can have on your mental and physical health, as well as your overall wellbeing.

Moving forward UTONIC will continue to look at new drinks they can release to make the RTD (ready to drink) space a much healthier one. The recent movement of kombucha has helped jump-start the process, taking away market share from the historical sodas of the world, these drinks do absolutely zero good for any consumers’ health. They are also on the verge of releasing a 100% organic, zero sugar kombucha that is very much aligned with a soft drink. Hopefully we can get the future generations to drink more of these and maintain an active lifestyle.

With such an admirable goal at the forefront of their business, Sportsfinda couldn’t help but be of service to such an admirable organisation. To help them continue this great work, we thought we’d do our part to help by writing about the awesome initiatives these people are implementing. This is how we’re giving back.

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