Water bottles expectations

You’d probably think that, by now, the industry would have something as simple as water bottles all figured out. Unfortunately, many gym-goers find that this simply isn’t the case. If you’re experiencing water bottle woes, you can likely relate to these common problems. Luckily, there’s a company that’s addressing them.

It turns hot quicker than your car…

What’s a better way to end a workout than with some sips of an icy cold water or energy drink mix? Unfortunately, too many water bottles leave you disappointed in this regard. You end your workout ready to cool down only to be met with hot water that’s anything but refreshing.

That’s not a problem with Muve bottles, though! Double-wall vacuum insulation ensures that your beverage of choice stays icy cold, even if you leave it sitting around half the day. If you throw in some ice cubes, you’ll be amazed at how long they take to melt when the bottle is sealed.

The bottles also feature copper coated triple insulation to further ensure that your drink is kept at just the right temperature, even for the days when you go extra hard or take your time. Try the standard or large size. Plus, these bottles won’t sweat.

Muve water bottles diagram

It doesn’t let you use a shaker ball…

If you like using a shaker ball to mix up your protein powders and other drink mixes to perfection, many water bottles will simply disappoint. Maybe the opening is too small to even fit the ball in or the bottle simply is too wide, too short, or otherwise too out of shape to get everything mixed properly.

Whatever the case may be, if you want to use a shaker ball for your drink mixes, it’s worth opting for an easy-to-clean shaker bottle like the one from Elite Athlete. There’s no plastic or metallic aftertaste because the bottle features glass wrapped in a durable exterior frame to help protect it from breaking if you bump it around.

This all-in-one bottle also includes a food-grade stainless steel mixing ball to shake up even the thickest of ingredients. For times when you just want to hydrate with good old h20, you’ll still find yourself reaching for it. Just leave out the shaker ball and fill it up!

elite athlete water bottles

It spills when you drop it…

While there is no such thing as an indestructible water bottle, choosing one made of high-quality and durable material from a company like Muve will certainly help you keep your water bottle in functional and presentable shape.

All Muve bottles are made of 18/8 stainless steel, making them highly durable. As an added bonus, they’re also BPA free! That means no harmful chemicals can find their way into your water, allowing you to rehydrate in a pure, clean, and healthy fashion.

Now, keeping your bottle from spilling when it tips or falls over is an entirely different problem. You’ll find that Muve bottles are leak-proof with a tight, screw-on cap that’s sealed in just a few twists.

Looking to learn more about purchasing a water bottle that suits your needs? Check out our latest water bottles user guide and find the water bottle that works best for you!

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