The WODUP Story:

It all started with a simple idea – to design high performance clothing that let’s you “do good” when you are “being good”. A year ago we decided it was time to bring this seemingly simple idea to life. WOD UP is born.

WOD UP’S founders, Cam and Gab Gessner have been die hard functional fitness enthusiasts since 2012. Owning more fitness gear than you could poke a stick at, we became all too familiar with the problems of current athletic clothing.

This got us thinking… Wondering what happens to the overwhelming ‘overflow’ of used and abused fitness wear? Where does it go? Without getting all ‘green’ on you, let’s just say the evidence doesn’t paint a very sustainable picture. Which leads us to the reasoning behind using Eco friendly fabrics for our clothing. Fabrics that are either biodegradable or made from recycled material. Other than the positive footprint we’re leaving, the pro’s greatly outweigh the con’s as far as performance is concerned.

So after countless hours of research, sourcing, sampling and testing, WOD UP’S ‘positive performance clothing’ was created. Eco friendly luxury that is durable, absorbent and looks mint.

We believe that not all performance is equal. And by promoting the benefits of positivity, awareness and the ability to ensure the last thing you need to worry about is your clothing stacking up.

‘make your impact’

Cam & Gab Gessner

Check out all Wodup products here.

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