WPN. is an activewear company for men, with a difference. In mid-2014, as busy professionals with a passion for anything active and adventurous, co-founders Darren and Daniel noticed a seemingly large gap in the market for men’s activewear. So not only did they set out to fill that gap by fusing high-level craftsmanship, on-point urban design, and technically advanced materials.

They also noticed that they were in prime position to address a primetime issue, men’s mental health. This sparked a movement, built a culture and is bringing together male athletes from all walks of life in the pursuit of success.

Their ethically made activewear that is crafted with an obsessive attention to detail using the most technically advanced materials and construction in the market. They constantly strive to create a more sustainable product that is built to perform at the highest levels but designed for your everyday lifestyle.  The combination of an elite product with a socially conscious brand is the recipe for a great brand, and WPN. is a great brand. They add to this reputation with the way they’re giving back.

Men’s mental health is a cause that they address with extreme passion and approach with utmost concern. Knowing how important it is to keep a healthy mind and body; WPN. aims to help raise awareness and reduce the rate of men’s suicide in Australia and the world.
This is done in a number of ways but perhaps most significantly through donations of 10% of profits from every WPN. product sold, going directly to Australia’s leading mental health awareness institution, Black Dog Institute.

Moving forward, the aim is to grow the brand and message internationally through a selection of premium retailers and our own flagship stores. With each store, the aim is to run events, workshops, workouts and mindfulness sessions to help each and everybody stay on top of their health and wellbeing.

With such an admirable goal at the forefront of their business, Sportsfinda couldn’t help but be of service to such an admirable organisation. To help them continue this great work, we thought we’d do our part to help by writing about the awesome initiatives these people are implementing. This is how we’re giving back.


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